Tuition Centres.

I went to the movie theatre a few days ago to catch Deepwater Horizon, and came across the first sign of the humanity’s impending demise-goddamn tuition centres. They are EVERYWHERE. It felt as if somebody snuck in a couple of tuition-centre-rabbits past airport security from an exotic land, and BOOM-they bred like wildfire and now we have a one in every corner, except they aren’t furry and they don’t have long ears.

The fact that it is a homework-churning factory  and a prison with weekly two-hour sentences isn’t the worst part of it all, no, it is the fact that there used to be a gaming arcade in its very location. 

Places of good old dazzling contraptions that fill children’s hearts with delight no longer have a place in this country today, and instead we submit to fulfilling standards of full GPAs and being scholarship-worthy.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I fully support the idea of helping children not doing as well in school to receive tuition or eager higher achieving kids to attain greater heights (jesus), but this isn’t the case here. Way too many parents send their kids for more than three tuition sessions per week, as they feel pressured to do so with the increasing number of tuition centres and stress placed on excelling in school. The thing is, these parents think that the more tuition their child gets, the better their grades will be, which is a sad myth. Now I can ramble on and on  about this issue, but I shall spare you from enduring my frustration.

When I peered into the uninspiring sterile reception area of the tuition centre (yes, a bloody reception area), the immaculate counters and sofa with edges too sharp to be appealing to twelve year olds made my blood boil. I then proceeded to make  the ugliest face at the receptionist through the glass, terrifying enough to make anybody require therapy. Yes, fucker, I’ll make you spend all that dirty money you made out of torturing children on your medical needs, guess you won’t be able to purchase that hot red Ferrari you saw in CarBuyer after all. What a tragedy. 


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